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elcome to Creative Design... where we specialize in providing retail merchandisers and select importers top of the line, quality seasonal, home décor, garden and floral items that fit their corporate needs. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest seasonal trading companies in Hong Kong and with that comes the responsibility of always offering new and exciting products to our customers. We consider that an everyday challenge... which is not a problem for us as we EXCEL IN DESIGN. Over the last few years, we have invested $3 million U.S. dollars in our design facility in Dongguan, China. We employ over 300 people in this facility including 8 American designers who each have teams of sculptors, metal fabricators, sewing personnel, painters and wood carvers. This is what sets us apart! This is also what enables us to develop 80% of our own EXCLUSIVE designs each year for our 100,000 sq. foot showroom in Hong Kong and create custom programs for our customers based on their specific trend and retail requirements.

Our customer base ranges from the U.S. dollar stores, club stores, drug chains, mass retailers, department stores, as well as, providing service to our South American, Canadian and European markets. We handle most categories for seasonal and welcome you visit our showroom or design facility. The choice is yours... you won’t be disappointed!

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